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Twenty four questions that could change your life.

The Abductalizer

For years, Alien Abductions Incorporated's Abductalizer has been recognized by the Scientific Community as the only machine in existence that is capable of accurately computing an individual's Personal Abduction Analysis Factor (PAAF).

While nothing can take the place of an on-site, full spectrum Abductalizer session, our talented Para-abductologists and technical staff have worked together to create an interface that allows on-line access to certain key Abductalizer functions. By answering key questions honestly and to the best of your ability, you provide the Abductalizer with enough information to run a primary ratiocination of your basic abductalogical characteristics.

The questions you will be asked have been carefully selected to provide the Abductalizer with the maximum amount of information about you with the least possible effort on your part. Again, try to answer all questions as honestly and accurately as possible. It is possible to get an Abductalizer reading, however, even if you choose not to answer some (or all) of the questions; your decision to omit a particular question itself provides the Abductalizer with important information about you.

PLEASE NOTE: The Abductalizer is currently offline, pending NRC inspection and approval of recent design improvements. Watch our corporate blog for announcements regarding on-site and online Abductalizer availability!