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Embrace and extend your Abduction Experience

Abduction Experience Add Ons

If you're not yet ready to develop your own custom Abduction Experience™ scenario (implantation subject to scenario approval by AAI), "mix it up" a little by enhancing one of our stock scenarios with add ons! Our add ons are an easy, economical way to create the abduction experience that's right for you, or even bring a new perspective to an old favorite scenario.

We introduce new add ons regularly—check back often for the latest releases!

Front Yard Crop Circles

A tasteful crop circle lets the whole neighborhood know that something special happened! Long a favorite in rural areas, our Crop Circle Service is now starting to gain popularity in many suburbs, and even a few urban centers. It's a convenient conversation starter for those who want to talk about their Abduction Experience but don't know how to bring it up with the neighbors!

Our Crop Circle Implementation (CCI) teams have experience working in a wide variety of environments, from Illinois corn fields to backyards in brownstone Brooklyn. In addition to crop circle design and installation, our CCI teams are familiar with the issues occasionally raised by neighborhood associations or local officials, and for a small additional fee can assist you in any necessary discussions or negotiations.

The exact size and design are determined by the characteristics of the available field/lawn. Please ensure that all children and pets are kept safely indoors during the scheduled installation period.

Evidence Kit

Instead of the gaudy doctored photographs offered by other services, the AAI evidence kit contains a carefully selected group of items that are all fully integrated into your Abduction Experience. Each item works with your memories to add extra depth and realism.

That implant that you had removed from your neck, the secret coded documents that the Govenment Agent gave to you, that mysterious piece of blue plastic—they're all there...

Time-release Implantation

This popular add-on allows your Abduction Experience to evolve over time. Instead of having complete memories from the outset, Time Release Implantation periodically releases new memories of your abduction.

Imagine the thrill that you'll feel as each additional memory adds another piece to the puzzle! Our skilled scenario designers ensure that the pace and scheduling of the releases fit your schedule, so that you don't have to worry about a new memory being released during your presentation to that big client.

Note that his item can be combined very effectively with both the Surveillance Special and the Evidence Kit.

Surveillance Special

Adds the thrill of real-life paranoia to your Abduction Experience! You'll never be sure that our operatives are watching you, but you'll know that they could be. Our surveillance staff is specially trained to be almost--but not quite--undetectable. You'll learn to listen for that distinctive double click when you pick up the telephone, and to keep one eye on the rear-view mirror as you drive!

Abductee Lecture Tours

We're in tune with the popular obsession with all things extraterrestrial, and you can be, too! Alien Abductions Incorporated can arrange for you to go on lecture tours where you share the insights that you gained through your Abduction Experience with college students, study groups, and political action committees across the country.

We do all of the scheduling and provide assistance as you prepare your lecture and audio-visual aids. Successful public speakers can turn their Abduction Experience into a money-making venture!

A limited number of lecture tour slots are available, with preference given to customers who have developed unusual or particularly insightful Abduction Experience™ scenarios. Stock scenarios, or those that focus on topics unsuitable for a family audience, are less suitable for the lecture circuit.