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The Journal of Para-Abductology.

The Journal of Para-Abductology and Related Research is a monthly publication, distributed free of charge to all interested individuals. The Journal is sent to subscribers via email and archived here on the AAI Web site.

Each issue is packed with up-to-the-minute research, links to recent and breaking news stories, and information about our many fine products and services. We here at Alien Abductions, Incorporated firmly believe in both freedom of information and personal privacy: we will never charge for the Journal, and we will never send anything but the Journal to our email subscribers.

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Submitting to the Journal

Are you doing research that can't find an outlet in the mainstream press, like Flying Saucer Digest, UFO Magazine, or the European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies? We here at Alien Abductions Incorporated strive to offer a forum for researchers exploring areas that even the supposedly "open minded" Ufology community rejects. While the Journal requires scientific rigor and clear presentation from all of its contributors, we will not reject submissions simply because we may not agree with the author's hypotheses or conclusions.

To receive a copy of our submission guidelines send an email to You will then receive an email containing detailed submission guidelines, editorial policies, and related information.